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When I'm not making games, I'm playing them.


Luke Lai

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Luke Lai

B.S. Computer Science: Game Design
University of California, Santa Cruz

E-mail: luke@lukeelai.com


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  • In Progress

    Maze Shooter

    Simple top down fps with a maze generator as the map built in Unity

  • SlugPings@GitHub

    A live, interactive map where users place markers to ping an event occuring on campus.

  • Music Mania @ GitHub

    Cooperative rhythm platformer where players take to different clefs and try to land on all platforms in an effort to compose music.

  • Print Sprint @ GitHub

    Worked with a team of 4 people to create a game with the theme: technological advances in the 21st century using Javascript and the Aptana engine. I mainly worked focusing on the user interface and the various items which was a core mechanic of the game. I also focused on creating various levels to make the game increasingly more difficult.

  • Sneaky @ .EXE

    Worked with a friend to create a simple platformer using Game Maker.

  • Simple Snake Game

    While learning Javascript, I created a simple snake game using the teacher's Brine engine with a twist. Watch out for the red food.

Work Experience

  • September 2017 - Present

    Lead Developer @ Space Bandit Studio

    Developing @ Kleptonaut

    A single player top-down action puzzle game

    Leading the programming team responsible for creating all the code which runs and controls the game

    Producing the technical specification of the game and managing the overall code development process

  • April 2018 - Present

    Research Assisstant @ Astaire

    An asymmetrical VR dance game

  • October 2016 - January 2017

    Developer Intern @ Simple Therapy

    Handled the database and tested the server load, and tried to make the algorithms more efficient

    Developed therapy specific applications specified by the doctor


  • Current

    Jack Baskin School of Engineering @ University of California, Santa Cruz

    B.S. Computer Science: Game Design


    CMPS 12B - Data Structures

    CMPS 20 - Game Design Experience

    CMPS 25 - 3D Models

    CMPS 101 - Algorithms

    CMPS 109 - Advanced Programming

    Art 102 - Interactive Art

    CMPS 180 - Database Systems

    CMPS 183 - Interactive Art


Java, C, C++, C#, Python, Scala
HTML, Javascript, CSS
Unity & Unreal Engine
MIPS & x86


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Corona; Santa Cruz

Phone number

(562) 623-7263